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Tips + Tricks - Blackening Letters


Quite often we get asked whats the best way to blacken the letter on a Stainless Steel design so we will go through a method we LOVE and swear by.
Because Stainless Steel does not tarnish, using methods like liver of sulphur and other patina oxidising type methods will not work.

Our preferred option is using Dupli-Color car touch up paint. They come in a variety of colours but our preferred colour is Black.
We have tried other enamel based paint brands however we don't feel they have the same sort of quality, we have definitely had the most success with the Dupli-color brand when it comes to application, durability and longevity.  


We paint over our letters and lightly wipe with a cloth. There will still be some paint residue left over but it is best to let it dry for 5-10 minutes, then you can rub any leftover excess paint residue with a dab of rubbing alcohol and a cloth. If you use the rubbing alcohol without letting it dry a bit first you will just strip the paint as you wipe. We have found this paint to be very effective and long term. It holds up in most conditions and lasts when in contact with water. The only thing we have found strips the paint is when it comes in contact with bushman’s mosquito spray and other harsh stripping agents found in some cleaning products.

Also make sure to take note of the recommended drying time. Different enamel paints and brands will have different drying times. Normally they require a 16 hour official dry time so it’s best to let it completely dry before wearing a piece and having any contact with water during the drying stages.

A more in depth video of the best way to use Dupli-Color Paint Pen on Metal+Maker products.

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The Holts dupli-colour enamel paint pens have become harder to find but we have noticed different eBay sellers stocking them from time to time - www.ebay.com.au